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Retailing is a tough business - we help you to not only survive but to grow using our highly successful merchandising and improvement programs

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Are you maximising your presence in today's highly competitive retail market place or are you just another store?

Ask yourself . . .

  • Does your store reflect the image you first established? 

  • Are you generating natural traffic flow?

  • Is your store relevant in today‚Äôs market place?

  • Does your product excite your customers?

  • Are your displays of stock underwhelming?

  • Are your ways of working long established and in need of change?

  • Is your store beginning to look dated and tired?

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Review your Business

Shop window displays

We help you take a good hard look at your business by providing an environment outside your usual circle of confidantes to discuss potential improvements.

Collectively we review your management procedures and merchandising practices

Innovative Ideas

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We provide constructive support in restructuring how your business operates - driving visual change and creating a real opportunity to re-engage with your customer. Our services range from window changes, in-store visual displays to a full makeover.

We deliver fast results . . .

Creating Interest

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Stunning attention seeking window displays together with dynamic entrances generate positive footfall. Followed up with clear in-store product signposting.


Highly creative with an eye for detail