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Retailing is a tough business - we help you to not only survive but to grow using our highly successful merchandising and improvement programs

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What we do . . .

We don't just tell you how to make changes we carry out the changes - hands-on

Our Mission Statement being . . .

  • Foster a positive working partnership to improve productivity and profitability
  • Help clients capitalise on growth opportunities
  • Deliver an outstanding in-store shopping experience 
  • Engage with store teams to deliver competences and achieve highest levels of performance
  • Effective in-store and window merchandising
  • Interim Management Services
  • Area Management Services
  • Re-merchandising 
  • Creative in-store product signposting
  • Drive Standards

Independent Shops, Store Groups, Department Stores, Garden Centres

What ever your retail operation - We can help

Positive Working Partnership

We work together with directors, owners, managers and/or staff to create a productive working partnership for all to assume ownership of their own assigned responsibilities.

 Capitalise on Growth Opportunities

If you make the decision to expand your business either by opening further outlets or broadening your product offer we can help.

Outstanding Shopping Experience

We get people talking about your store by generating excitement and a shared commitment to delivering high levels of service - resulting in the most effective form of marketing 'word of mouth'.

Engage Store Teams 

We are totally hands-on and strive to involve all concerned in achieving the desired results through mentoring, coaching  and developing your team.


Effective Windows & Displays

Stunning attention seeking window displays together with dynamic entrances generate positive footfall. 

Interim Management Services

Missing key staff for a period of time? We can help. Contact us for a viable solution.

Area Management Services

Contracted Area Manager Role covering the East Anglian Region for store groups and multiples. The purpose being to maintain a client’s standards whilst saving the need for a full time employee in an area where stores can be spread thinly.


A total revamp or re-think of layouts, flows and product merchandising within a store will substantially increase stock turn percentages and improve density performance.


In-Store Product Signposting

Once you've attracted potential customers in to your store it's a totally wasted opportunity if they can't find the product they sought. We encourage clear sign posting for product placement and/or associated areas in your store.

Driving Standards

Effective individual and group staff training programs designed to instil higher standards in all areas of the operation.

Trouble Shooting

Got business problems? We can help (discretion assured) with hands-on practical support. No position financial or otherwise is not insurmountable


We can carry out a complete makeover of your store and create a new and exciting place to shop. Contact us for details - TV coverage possible.